auto diagnostics Olive HillPorter Tire & Auto Tech Question:
I’m Alex. My Check Engine Light came on in my family car. I’ve tried several things to make it go off but nothing has worked. What should I do?

Porter Tire & Auto Answer:
Like Alex, most of us Olive Hill car owners have experienced a check engine light coming on suddenly. We’re frustrated because we don’t know why.

Of course that’s perfectly understandable: There are hundreds of reasons for the check engine light to come on – and there’s only one light.

Alex said she tried several things to get the light to go off – but it didn’t work. Her goal was to get the light to turn off. I would suggest that the goal should be to find out what caused the light to come on in the first place – and fix it.

You can search the internet and find millions sites with tricks to get your family car check engine light to turn off. But what good does that do – whatever caused the light to come on is still wrong. Not getting to the bottom of the problem can lead to other problems for Olive Hill motorists – some minor and some more serious (and expensive).

Your caring Porter Tire & Auto service specialist can get you started down the road of properly diagnosing the problem and getting it repaired – try him first next time.

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