Tire Disposal & Recycling

We not only sell tires of all sizes but we also 
  • Dispose of and recycle old tires.
  • Offer wholesale used tires and casings.  

We are EPA approved in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana.

Your scrap tires are brought in to us either on one of our box trucks or by customers who bring them into us on their own truck. We also have a fleet of over 100 box trailers (45′ or 48′) which we spot at other businesses or government agencies, counties, etc., who accumulate tires on a regular basis. 

The normal area for this is approximately a 150 mile radius. We are paid a fee to dispose of the old tires, either per tire or by the load. Once the tires are delivered here, the cost per tire is approximate:

  • Car & light truck tires – $2.00
  • Truck tires – $8.00
  • Medium size farm tires – $15.00

For larger tires or shipping cost or trailer load prices please call for price.

We are permitted by the E.P.A. to haul and dispose of scrap tires. The junk tires are shredded by one of our Mac Saturn shredders and disposed of properly or recycled.

If any of the tires are deemed worthy of reuse (i.e. casing or farm) they are stored inside for further inspection. 

We are looking for tire dealers who need used truck tires or casings. We have a good supply available mostly of medium truck, farm, and industrial tires available for you at wholesale prices.



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