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Tire Swing Memories

You can always count on Porter’s Tire & Auto Service to provide you with quality auto care and tires to help take you and your family from POINT A to POINT B…even when POINT B is found only in the imagination of a child or memory of that child all grown up.


A poem by Zach McClure

He gazed across
The wind-swept meadow
To a lone tree
Standing there

Its jagged, silhouette
Surrendered ‘neath
A sky more firey embered
Than his flaming hair
Which crowned him then

But it was neither tree nor sky
That stole his youthful eye.
It was the tire swing
Whispering, promising,
“With-me, you can fly!”

The boy lept across the meadow
Like a deer panting for water,
Till at last
He climbed aboard his dream.
His round, black, holed
Flying machine.

Then, holding tight,
And bending to and fro
With all his might
Began to drive
Began to glide against
The sinking sun
Till it was night outside

Across the starry littered sky
Beneath the moon’s soft lullaby
Ascending ever higher
Make believing
He’s a flyer,
He smiles,
As he tips a wing.
He is an aviator.
He is the sky king!
And all because of one,
Old tire swing.

What About Your Tire Tread Depth

Tire Deals Olive HillOlive Hill racing enthusiasts have probably heard of racing slicks. Now, slicks have no tread, but they give race cars maximum traction on dry KY racetracks. Insert a little water into the equation, however, and slicks can’t maintain control. Because there is nowhere for the water to go, the tire rides on top of a thin film of water and slides all over the place.

Carter street tires have treads that are designed to move water out from under the tire so that it can grip the road. The deeper the tread, the more water it can move. As tires wear they have progressively less traction on wet Olive Hill roads. That means longer stopping distances and less traction in corners.

So having enough tire tread is essential for the safety of Olive Hill auto owners. There have been tests comparing stopping distances of vehicles with new tires and those with worn tires. The vehicle with worn tires is still traveling at a high rate of speed at the point at which the vehicle with new tires has already stopped. That could be the difference between getting home safely and a serious accident on a surface street or interstate.

Many KY safety experts recommend you replace your tires when your tread is worn down to a depth of 4/32ths of an inch. That’s the distance to George Washington’s head when a quarter is inserted upside down into the tread of a properly inflated tire.

You may have heard of the same test using a penny. That gives you about 2/32ths of an inch of tread. The studies have shown a significant safety benefit in replacing tires with the quarter standard. Ask your caring Porter Tire & Auto service specialist to have your tires checked to see how much life you have left in them.

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Source Article from http://portertireauto.napavision.com/2013/08/13/have-porter-tire-auto-check-your-tire-tread-depth/

Disc Brake Maintenance At Porter Tire & Auto In Olive Hill

Disc Brake Pad Replacement Olive HillHello Olive Hill motorists. Today, we’re talking about disc brakes. Your vehicle weighs several thousand pounds and it takes a lot of force to bring it and your passengers to a safe stop – so everything needs to be in good working order.

The wheel hub keeps your wheel attached to the family car. The brake disc – or rotor – is attached to the hub and spins with the wheel as you drive. Your brake pads clamp onto the rotor to slow the wheel. The brake caliper straddles the rotor and squeezes the rotor to slow it down. The calipers contain brake pads which rub on the rotor when you step on the brakes. The brake piston causes the calipers to squeeze and release as you use your brakes.

Your family car brake pads start to wear the first time you step on the brakes. Eventually the pads are worn out and need to be replaced. If you don’t replace brake pads when they’re worn out, the metal parts of the brake will grind against the rotor and carve grooves into the surface.

If a scored rotor isn’t too bad, your caring Olive Hill technician can put the rotor on a lathe and smooth it out. If the grooves are too deep, or if the rotor is warped or cracked, you need to replace it. At Porter Tire & Auto, we have been servicing disc brakes for Olive Hill motorists for 2 years.

Servicing disc brakes at Porter Tire & Auto require special attention to the mechanical sliding and mounting portions of the system. Your Porter Tire & Auto service supplier knows the special needs. Sometimes brake pistons can stick and must be replaced. Typically it’s cheaper to replace the entire caliper at Olive Hill auto service centers than to rebuild the piston.

So there you have it – a brief Porter Tire & Auto guide to how your disc brakes work. Olive Hill motorists who replace their brake pads on time will not only keep their family car stopping safely, but could save money on unnecessary brake repair down the road.

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At Porter Tire & Auto in Olive Hill KY (41164) we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 606.286.4484. To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com.


Source Article from http://portertireauto.napavision.com/2013/06/26/disc-brake-maintenance-at-porter-tire-auto-in-olive-hill/

Chilling In Carter With Winter Tires

Best Price On Snow Tires Olive HillThere’s more to winter tires than Olive Hill drivers may think. Those days of clunky, tractor-like snow tires are long gone in KY, replaced by high-tech winter tires with special rubber compounds and advanced tread designs.

In Olive Hill winter temperatures, the rubber in summer tires becomes hard and inflexible and they don’t grip the road as well. In contrast, winter tires use special rubber compounds that are more pliable when the thermometer drops below 45 degrees in KY giving you better road contact; so even if you don’t get much snow, winter tires will really add to your cold weather safety in Olive Hill.

Winter tires may also use a micro-pore rubber compound that increases surface area so they can bite into ice and packed snow on Olive Hill roads and expressways.

The tread on winter tires needs to clear out water, snow and slush as the tire turns so it’s ready to take another bite when it comes back in contact with the road. But summer tires can actually be dangerous because they get packed with snow, making them very slick, and your vehicle hard to control. Winter tires have a lot of thin slits in the tread called sipes which help the tire grab ice and packed snow, providing extra traction.

Many new vehicles in Carter come with all-season tires which are great for a wide range of Carter weather and road conditions, but don’t provide top performance in KY snow and ice. For example winter tires provide 25 to 50% more traction than all-season tires. And all-season tires take up to 42% longer to stop than winter tires in slick Grahn conditions.

For all these reasons, the tire experts at Porter Tire & Auto in Olive Hill recommend you put winter tires on all four wheels because it makes sense to have equal traction and handling at all four corners of your vehicle. Uneven traction could result in loss of control for Carter drivers.

Your vehicle may be equipped with stability control, anti-lock brakes and traction control – all important safety systems for KY drivers. But in order to do their job you still need good traction in Emerson. Winter tires help you start, stop and corner when things get cold and slippery in Olive Hill.

So when Carter temperatures drop below 45 degrees, be sure you have a set of four winter tires for maximum performance in snow, ice and wet Olive Hill roads. Your caring Porter Tire & Auto tire professional can help you find the right winter tire for your vehicle and driving needs in Olive Hill.

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At Porter Tire & Auto in Olive Hill KY (41164) we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 606.286.4484. To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com.

Source Article from http://portertireauto.napavision.com/2013/06/20/chilling-in-carter-with-winter-tires/

Prevent Cooling System Problems In Carter

Car Advice Olive Hill

Cooling system problems are the most common reason for mechanical failure in Carter County. And, they’re largely avoidable.

Here’s what Olive Hill drivers need to know about their cooling system. First, the terms coolant and antifreeze are pretty much used interchangeably in Kentucky. The fluid cools your engine while it’s running and it keeps it from freezing when it’s cold.

Your cooling system is filled with a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze/coolant. So if you’re topping off antifreeze/coolant, it is key to add the proper amount of each. Distilled water is much better than tap water. Now you can buy pre-mixed coolant so make sure you know what you’re putting in.

Two more cautions for Carter County drivers: first, never add coolant when the engine is hot. This can lead to serious burns. Second, there are many antifreeze formulas. Your manufacturer recommends a specific type that won’t harm your cooling system components. Use the wrong fluid and you could void your cooling system warranty.

At Porter’s Tire & Auto Service we can help you with all this just like we have for more than 50 years.

All auto makers have schedules for when you should change your coolant. It’s key to follow the schedule, because neglecting your cooling system allows the fluid to become corrosive. You’ll get leaks which can lead to expensive damage. Check with your service adviser at Porter’s Tire & Auto Service in Olive Hill to see if it’s time for a cooling system inspection and service.

Give us a call or come in to get your cooling system checked by our ASE Certified Master Mechanic.  Making sure our neighbors, friends and family are safe on the road is our top priority and one of the reasons why we were voted TOP TIRE STORE IN CARTER COUNTY.

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At Porter’s Tire & Auto Service in Olive Hill KY (41164) we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 606.286.4484. To learn more about NAPA AutoCare, visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com.


Source Article from http://portertireauto.napavision.com/2013/06/07/prevent-cooling-system-problems-in-carter/

2014 Toyota Tundra Review: A New American Pickup

Auto Review of  the 2014-Toyota-Tundra When you buy a used vehicle bring it to Porter's Tire & Auto Service for a FREE diagnostic evaluation by an ASE Certified Master MechanicThis makes the timing of an all-new 2014 Toyota Tundra just right. Although Toyotagets only a small percentage of sales in the full-sized pickup market, there is
still plenty of room for the new Tundra, especially when Toyota, now the largest automaker in the world, is known for its quality and longevity. In
fact, the Tundra has been recognized with an array of awards over the last 12 years, including the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study for seven of the past eight years in its segment.  The Japanese manufacturer says Tundra is designed, engineered, and built exclusively in the U.S. and has more North American content than any other full-sized truck. The new truck goes on sale late summer; pricing has not been announced. It competes with the Ford F-150, Ram and the GM Silverado/Sierra models that have all been updated recently and remain the big players and the Nissan Titan.The third-generation Tundra was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year; it has morphed from soft to bold, with a new five-distinct-grade strategy. It has a dramatically-freshened exterior that Toyota says speaks to a more “modern industrial” image; a more distinguished cabin; a number of technology upgrades, plus new comfort and convenience features; an improved ride; and two new upscale, special edition trims: the luxury-level Platinum and the premium Texas-ranch-themed “1794”, named after the cattle ranch founded in 1794 on the land outside of San Antonio, where Toyota builds Tundra and its compact sibling, the Tacoma. Of note are the segment-exclusive standard backup camera and Bluetooth hands-free phone and audio-streaming on all grades. It is
the only full-size pickup with available Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Toyota sold close to 250,000 of the half-ton and compact pickups in 2012.

“Toyota prides itself on listening to its customers and the development of the 2014
American-born Tundra is a perfect example,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division. “Tundra’s new exterior design and new interior were inspired by customer feedback requesting a more chiseled exterior and refined interior, with improved driver ergonomics, and easy-to-use technology, giving customers more of what they want.”

New are unique exterior designs and interior trims for each of Tundra’s grades that include the “hard-working” SR; volume-leading SR5, Limited, and the two premium grades: “Platinum” and the “1794 Edition.”

Buying a new vehicle?  Bring it by Porter's Tire & Auto Service for regular maintenance to keep it running in tip top shape.2014 Toyota Tundra Body Styles

Tundra comes in three cab styles: two-door Regular Cab, four-door Double Cab, and the
super-sized four-door CrewMax; all are available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.  Regular Cab and Double Cab models come with standard (78.7-inch) or long bed (97.6-inch) lengths, while CrewMax comes with a 66.7-inch bed. All are 22.2-inches deep. Also new is a lockable,
easy-lower-and-lift tailgate that can easily be removed. Limited Double Cab models now come standard with a power sliding rear window. A power vertical sliding rear window is standard on all CrewMax models. Three exterior colors are new: Attitude Black Metallic, Sunset Bronze Mica, and Blue Ribbon Metallic. Carryover are Radiant Red, Super White, Silver Sky Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Black, and Barcelona Red.

You’ll immediately notice Tundra’s bigger front fascia, as well as its taller, bolder look, and stronger character lines. The front lower bumpers are now a three-piece design, allowing for lower replacement costs. In addition, the fenders and wheel wells have been squared-off for a wide and sturdy stance. A new bed design helps carry the chiseled character lines all the way down the profile, leading to a rugged new bed and tail gate, with an integrated spoiler and “TUNDRA” stamped into the sheet metal, creating a one-piece forged look. The integrated spoiler in the deck helps with fuel efficiency, while the tail lamps express a tool-like quality to match the appearance of the body. Like the front bumper, the rear bumper changes from one piece to three, as well. An integrated spoiler in the deck aids fuel economy. Tundra SR and SR5 grades get 18-inch styled steel wheels; Limited, Platinum, and 1794 Edition get all-new 20-inch alloys specific to each grade.

Buying a new vehicle?  Be sure to bring it by Porter's Tire & Auto Service for oil changes, tune ups and diagnistic testing to keep it running in tip top shapeTundra interiors are specifically-styled for the trim level or grade; the SR5 wears a “professional gear” theme, with unique driver and passenger zones, metallic accents and bold contrasting fabric and premium surface treatments, like high granulated paint on the center cluster and unique seat stitching. Designers crafted the Limited with an “active premium” image, using leather seating surfaces matching soft-touch door and console surfaces, and wood-style interior trims. It’s available with Black, Sand Beige and Graphite leather-trimmed interiors and standard dual zone auto HVAC controls. Upscale and urban in its cues, Platinum features perforated, diamond pleated premium leather seats, door and instrument panel inserts, and chrome seat and console accent badging.

Standard amenities include a 12-speaker touchscreen Entune Premium JBL Audio system with navigation, plus heated and ventilated front seats. Think western lifestyle for the 1794 Edition that gets exclusive saddle brown premium leather-trimmed seating with embossed leather and ultra-suede accents. Matching soft-touch materials accent the shift console, front and rear door trim, and instrument panel; it gets the same standard amenities as Platinum.

Keep your new vehicle running in tip top shape. Bring it to Porter's Tire & Auto Service in Olive Hill for oil changes, tune ups, brakes and of course, New Tires!2014 Toyota Tundra Powertrains and

Under the hood are three engines: a 270-horsepower/4.0-liter V-6 is standard on Tundra Regular and Double Cab models. The standard engine offers 278 lb.-ft. of torque when paired with a five-speed auto transmission with uphill/downhill shift logic and promises EPA-estimated fuel economy of 16 city / 20 highway / 17 mpg combined. A 4.6-liter i-Force V-8 produces 310 horsepower and 327 torque and promises 15/19/16 on 4x2s and 14/18/16 on 4x4s. Tundra’s most popular “workhorse” is the 5.7-liter i-Force V-8 that generates 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. torque; it comes in gasoline and “Flex Fuel” variants; EPA on 2WD models is 13/18/16, while 4WDs get 13/17/15 mpg. The V-8 models come with a six-speed auto transmission. Tundra 4×4 models use an on-demand, electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system with 4×2, 4×4 Hi and 4×4 Lo ranges. When equipped with a tow package, Tundra has a maximum tow capacity of 10,400 pounds (4×2 Regular Cab).

All Tundras have the following standard safety features: vehicle stability control (VSC); traction control (TRAC); anti-lock braking system (ABS); electronic brake-force distribution (EBD); brake assist (BA); smart stop (SST) brake override technology; and manual headlamp leveling. Also standard are eight standard airbags, including front seat-mounted side airbags, and front and rear roll-sensing side curtain airbags (RSCA), driver and front outboard passenger airbags with an advanced airbag system; Toyota says it has the segments’ only standard driver and front outboard passenger knee airbags. Standard LED daytime running lights are offered on the Platinum and 1794 Edition only.

Regular maitenance of your new vehicle will save money and help your vehicle to last longer.  Bring it to Porter's Tire & Auto Service for all your auto care and tire needs.We recently drove three different versions of the new Tundra in the mountains of western Pennsylvania over a variety of paved roads, along dirt track, and over rigorous four-wheel-drive courses. Stepping inside, we found appealing changes to the truck’s overall styling and materials (different for each grade), with improved comfort and ergonomics that give easier access to audio and HVAC controls. A new instrument panel features attractive tactile metallic rings; gauges are grouped in a clear, easy-to-see design with a center-mounted multi-information (LCD) screen. Large knobs carry over from the previous generation that can be operated with or without work gloves. Front seats have more travel and the CrewMax gets new seats front and back; the rear seat can be folded up for more cargo carrying capability. The console incorporates multiple storage
areas for personal items and today’s electronics.

tires in carter county, kentuky, napa, ase certified mechanic,The most notable changes when motoring the new Tundra are its enhanced quietness, re-tuned suspension, and steering enhancements that give a more mannered ride for everyday driving and especially for towing. One of the biggest changes for
our taste was the improved pedal feel–especially for the truck’s brake pedal.

We drove the 4×4 models through deep mud, over rocks, and along steep woodland sidehills, with nary a traction complaint. The standard Automatic Limited-Slip Differential provides better acceleration in deep sand and mud, and on mixed-friction surfaces, while the VSC system integrates traction control and aids traction on or off-road by helping keep the vehicle on its intended course in everyday driving conditions and on limited-traction surfaces, such as ice and snow. In “normal” mode, VSC, TRAC and Auto-LSD combine to enhance traction; “TRAC Off” and “Auto-LSD” modes activate Auto-LSD to help extricate the vehicle from extreme conditions, while “VSC Off” mode turns off all three of these systems.

All Tundras have a standard windshield wiper de-icer; front and rear mudguards; power window and door locks; and heated, power, outside mirrors. SR and SR5 grade models get standard air conditioning, while Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition models have dual zone air conditioning. Limited adds an eight-way power driver seat, standard chrome door handles and outer mirrors, and a deck rail system. Platinum and 1794 editions come with a 10-way power driver’s seat with memory and a four-way power passenger’s seat, with heat and ventilation, power moonroof (CrewMax only), and parking sonar. An auto-dimming rearview mirror with a compass, and HomeLink universal transceiver is standard on Limited, Platinum, and 1794 Edition grades.

Keep your vehicle perfrming in top shape, bring it to Porter's Tire & Auro Service for regular care fro moil changes, tune ups, tires and brakesEntune Audio systems are standard on all grades, which feature several enhancements for the 2014 truck, including a new Entune App Suite with an array of popular apps; new additions include Yelp and Facebook Places. Standard on all SRs is the Entune Audio Multimedia Bundle, which includes a 6.1-inch touchscreen display; AM/FM CD Player with MP3/WMA playback capability; aux jack; USB 2.0 port with increased charging capability and iPod connectivity and control; hands-free phone capability; phone book access and music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology; and advanced voice recognition. SR5s get Entune Audio Plus, which includes the Entune Multimedia Bundle with Hi-Res 7.0-inch touch-screen display; HD Radio with iTunes tagging and HD Traffic and Weather (metro areas only); and SiriusXM satellite radio (90-day trial). Standard on Limiteds and available on the SR5 is the Entune Premium Audio, with navigation and the Entune App Suite. The Entune App Suite includes Bing, iHeartRadio, MovieTickets.com, Open Table, Pandora, Yelp and Facebook Places; real-time info including traffic, weather, fuel prices, sports, and stocks. Standard on Platinum and 1794 Edition CrewMax models and optional on Limited is the Entune Premium JBL Audio with navigation and Entune App Suite, which includes Entune Premium Audio with JBL speakers and amplifier.

By Sue Mead

Source Article from http://caradvice.askpatty.com/ask_patty_/2013/08/2014-toyota-tundra-a-new-american-pickup.html

Wheel Alignment Service At Porter’s Tire & Auto Service In Olive Hill

Wheel Alignment Service In Olive Hill, Carter CountyWhen all of a vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard in Olive Hill or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday KY driving can cause your family car wheels to be out of alignment. This can lead to expensive premature tire and suspension wear.

Here are some alignment basics from Porter Tire & Auto:
The first angle is called toe: do the wheels point in towards each other or away from each other at the front of the tire.

The next angle is called camber: do the wheels tip in or out at the top.

And finally, there is castor. Castor measures the angle where the front axles attach to the vehicle.

The ideal alignment for your family car was designed by its engineers. Porter Tire & Auto alignment service starts with an inspection of the steering and suspension – so see if anything’s bent, broken or worn out. Then the Porter Tire & Auto technician will look at tire condition. From there, the family car is put on an alignment rack and an initial alignment reading is taken. The wheels are then aligned to manufacturer’s specifications.

Your owner’s manual probably has a recommendation for how often your family car alignment should be checked – usually every couple of years.

If you suspect an alignment problem with your family car, get it checked by our ASE Certified Master Mechanic at Porter’s Tire & Auto Service before you suffer expensive tire or suspension damage.

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New Tires

tires,new tires,tire sales,tire safety,carter county,kentucky,olive hill,globe,bf goodrich tires,michelin tires,kumho tires,firestone tires,goodyear tires,bridgestone tiresPorter’s Tire & Auto Service offers a wide selection of top name brand tires for all types of vehicles from top of the line specialty tires to quality economical options for your your car, van, truck or SUV.

Choose from several name brand tires including Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, and Dayton Tires. We sell tires for cars, large trucks, farming and industrial equipment. Of course we also have road-worthy used tires.

Looking for a quality spare or economical solution between buying a full set of new tires?  Porter’s Tire has dozens of quality used and retread tires to help you stay safe on the road.

Come in now to select the tire that is right for your driving needs.

Call us for today’s special prices. 
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How To Know When You Need NEW TIRES!

We get this question all the time but more often than not, people just assume their tires are in good enough shape if they are not flat.  That is a dangerous assumption so here are a few indications it is time to get new tires.

  • Tires are considered to be worn out at 2/32 inch minimum tread depth.
  • In wet conditions 4/32 inch or less tread means a significant loss of wet traction due to shallower grooves.
  • In snow conditions, traction noticeably diminishes at 6/32 inch tread depth. The more shallow lug and groove depths limit a tire’s ability to “bite” into snow and clean out snow compressed into the tread.
  • Irregular wear necessitates early tire replacement.

Still not sure if your tires need to be replaced?  Stop out to Porter’s Tire & Auto Service and we’ll check them out FOR FREE!